New Ride

Headed out this morning to pick up a new ride possibly. I need a car to drive around until the convertible is finished. I’ll post pictures later today.

I’ll keep you in suspense on what it is 😀 But it does have a 4-speed.

Dove Hunters??

Any of you guys and gals do any dove hunting? I’m not real big on big game hunting as i use to be but i do love that shotgun work. I have a 2 acre patch here beside the house that i bust up every year about aug 1 and plant it in wheat. The season begins on sept 1 so that gives it a month to sit and draw em in before shooting starts. I’ve been feeding em all summer on the driveway so there are plenty. We have two types. The common morning dove and that eurasian ring neck. The coopers hawks are…

A Memeber won Pinks at ET !

Congrats to Emilion and his brother memeber DrJayO for winner Pinks all out at E-Town last night !! Emilio won the money in his small block 5-speed Duster last night ! :cheers:

SB Rocker Arm Geometry

Heads are new Edelbrock and rockers are new Comp Cams Pro Magnum. The roller tip starts in the middle of the valve stem (slightly toward the rocker shaft) and rolls away from the rocker shaft toward the outter side of the valve stem. Does not look like an ideal scrub pattern. Anyone ever seen a case like this and know if it can be improved? I would like the scrub pattern more centered on the valve tip if possible.

Need pict of rear lower shock mount plate

I am getting ready to order my CalTracs tomorrow and they need to know the position of the lower shock mounts. My car is 20 miles away and the guy doing the disassembly didn’t mark the stock mounts right or left, so he is having a hard time figuring it out.

Anyone have a picture of their lower shock mount plates? Thanks!

A few shots from pinks

Good Mopar showing..Met a few racers from here…Mopar won it all…smallblock 5 speed duster….9:90 class
Only took a few pics…man the sun was…

Hello from Aus..

Hi all Knighty here,

Based in Victoria, Australia, I’ve been an a body lover for years now, my baby being a 67 vcv8 val, as much as people tell me i should sell it and focus on the others she still takes pride of place in the shed 🙂


My other toy is kind of an a body (well, based on one) one of something like 21 E48 chargers built in limelight, but until funds permit, this is how she sits for a while,