anouther fender tag decoading please

Hi all ,I have started takeing my 69 Dart apart is the tag # could someone tell me what she is.m33 r11 v1x end a48 a78 b51 633 m21 m25 b3 b3 d2b b7 306 186999 e44 d31 ll23f9e143845 Thankssssss hope to post some pics soon.Don, Belleville Ontario Canada .

M/T drag slicks

I have a pair of new M/T drag slicks 28×9 only have 3 passes,bought wrong size haven’t been screwed to rim.Paid 320 plus shipping will sell 200 plus shipping obo.617-694-8007 or

Header Suggestion for 416 Stroker

Can someone suggest headers for my 416 stroker? 10.3 compression, ported 2.02/1.60 j-heads, Eddy tarantula intake, 1050 Holley 3-barrel. I know the TTI’s are popular, but all I see are the 1 5/8 – 1 3/4 step headers. I was thinking that the 416 might do better with full 1 3/4 headers. What do you guys think? Does anyone make 1 3/4 headers for small blocks that won’t break the bank?

Dart Sport Mirrors

Can anyone tell me what non-remote mirrors are correct for the 1974 Dodge Dart Sport?

We have one with 2 rally styles painted the same as the car….BUT they are plastic………Are they cheap repops?

Anyone have a picture of the correct mirrors for this car?

Another newbie here in Az

Hows it going Sorry i hadnt introduced myself sooner but the website had me pretty tied up for about three days Lotta info here and some really nice cars

A Body 8.75 Rear End

Need an 8.75 rear end to go into a 72 Demon. Needs to be big bolt pattern. Pristine not required, rebuildable is fine. Contact me with the specs/gear ratios you have.

I am in Arizona so will work out shipping when we make a deal.

Power to Manual Conversion

I have a 72 Demon that came with power brakes. (Front disc, rear drum). I am converting to a big bolt pattern and will be installing an 8.75 rear end to convert to full disc.

I want to convert to manual brakes to clear some room in my engine compartment. Has anyone done this conversion? I am not sure the best path and could use some advice.