Original Selling price. Worth. Value.

Wanted to start discussing what our cars where worth back then vs now. Not asking about how much the thing owes you but it you want spill your guts...

My 67 Dart went for $3,452.90 MSRP.

I Kelley Blue Booked it a while back and it came up 12,000 in good condition.

I have put almost $5000 into her and my dad gave it to me cause I needed a cool project car and he didn't. looking at another $1000-2000 for this Rebuild/refurb

I plan on making the car really nice again and then Buying something like a 71 duster for cheap and hacking it all up to make into a Completely Raced out Trans-Am style 340. Looking into how to send that power to all 4 wheels somehow.
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