Original 1967 Dodge Dart 4 dr 270 auto….Should I buy? What’s a fair price?

Ok guys/gals, I've already learned a lot from this forum - so thank you in advance!

I have an opportunity to buy a 2nd owner original 1967 Dart 4 door with the 270 slant 6 with an auto transmission. The body is super clean with a brand new paint job. The interior and engine compartment are decent, but needs some TLC. The car runs great, has clear title and has many new parts.

The guy just needs to get rid of it b/c he's leaving the country. This would be just a toy car for me and I would start restoring my first classic.

My question is: What would be a fair price to pay for this car? NADA has $3000 on the low end and $7500 on the high end.

He doesn't have a price in mind, so I need to come back to him with an good/fair offer and he'd most likely take it. I'm looking for a good deal and don't want to overpay in case I have to get out of it later.

Here's the new list:
- full exhaust system from downpipe to chrome tip, shocks, thermostat, tires, coolant hose, belts, battery, terminal, starter, voltage regulator, filters, oil, wipers, brake drums, brake hoses, brake lines, wheel cylinders rebuilt all the way around, distributor cap, plugs, wires, points and fuel filter.

Thanks so much!!!
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