?? On neutral safety switch wires

I'm still trying to "undo" all the screwed up wiring in my 72 Duster and I'm getting closer. However, one of the next stumbling blocks is the 3 wires from the neutral safety switch.

According to the wiring diagram, the brown center wire goes directly to the starter relay. Is that correct. One wire from "point A to point B"? Just a single brown wire from the trans all the way to the starter relay?

Next are the other two wires. I'm pretty sure one goes to the bulkhead connector which houses the wiring for the wiper motor. Correct?

Wire #3. Book shows it goes to the headlight harness bulkhead connector. Is that right? To this point (other than being routed wrong) I don't think the headlight harness has been hacked, and all 8 of the spots in the connector are occupied. So where does "wire #3" go?

Lastly is the "yellow" wire at the starter relay. Again, the book shows it going to the headlight harness bulkhead connector. But again nothing in that harness seems to be out of place or hacked.

So if there is anyone out there with an unmolested 72 Duster (or maybe even a 71), I'd really appreciate you having a look and tell me WTF is up with these wires.

Author: admin