Oil pressure Question: What causes this?

Engine: 360 9:1 maybe 2000 miles on the engine

Pump - HV oil pump
Oil gauge: VDO Vision electric

Pressure use to be 30-40psi warm at idle, and 70-ish on the highway. I haven't driven it much this year due to other things going on. Now when I pulled it out two weeks ago, it only shows about 20psi warm and 40psi at highway. The scary thing is that when I lean on the throttle, the oil pressure goes down about 5-7psi.

I just hooked up a cheap Sunpro mechanical gauge, and it shows about 55psi at idle cold. The pressure looks better, but when I rev the motor up you can see the oil go back down the nylon tube toward the engine.


The only thing I have ever changed was adding the roller rockers (with roller bearings) and installed my Amsoil bypass kit. After both of these mods the oil pressure seemed to be fine.

Now, what I DID do was change the oil. Now keep in mind the oil kit is mounted higher than the block adapter on the engine. I am assuming the oil is draining back down into the sump when the engine is not running. I added extra oil, but I think maybe I didn't add enough oil, and it is sucking a bit of air.

Never had this problem before...does it sound feasible? The car runs great, but I'm not driving it again until I'm confident I won't tear anything up.

I think I am going to disconnect my oil kit and just spin an oil filter on the block to prove/eliminate the kit as being the problem.
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