Oil pan clearance issue?

I have my 75 360 all mounted inside my 66 barracuda. I used the Shumacher Engine mounts, and already had (I think) the dropped Centerlink in my car. I am running a 360 Center sump oil pan as reccomended.

I am having problems with the centerlink Hitting the oilpan on the left side especially. It is rubbing a bit on Both sides, But the left side has a considerable dent, where as the right side only has scraped off some paint.

I did switch over to SBP Disc Brakes shortly before I did the conversion. I did not notice any problems with the setup when the slant was still in (With the new spindles Etc.)

Any suggestions as to what the problem could be? Something worn /sagging?

Anyone have the measurments for the amount of Drop in the v8 link so I can confirm I have the right one?
Author: admin