Oil leak at front of pan gasket

OK, here is the problem. I'm getting ready to install my new 408 stroker into my Dart. Its going to be a bottom up install on the k-member. Engine has 5 qts of oil in it. In the process of moving the engine from the stand to the k-member it was nose (front) down at about a 30 degree angle. I noticed some oil dripping out from the front of the pan where it mates up against the timing gear cover. It was coming from the bottom side of the gasket. Not pouring, just dripping a little. Its a Milodon pan with the one piece MOPAR pan gasket, installed dry according to the instructions in the package (only requires a dab of RTV on the back corners next to the rear main cap). Since this was an unnatural position for the engine, should I be concerned that it will leak once installed? I don't want to have to screw with it once its in. Any suggestions (constructive that is).


Author: admin