Oil in coolant, engine sputtering

Just recently I replaced the stock 2bbl top end of my 318 with a 4bbl eddy intake and 525 vac secondary demon carb and replaced the camshaft. I am having a helluva time getting the car to run right anywhere in the rpm range even after messing with the timing from 0 up to 8 degress advance initial and with the vacuum advance on and off.
1. The carb with the butterflies set correct off the car will not idle at all with any amount of adjusting on the idle mixture screws, seems to not get enough air but they say to not change the butterfly settings once set off the car.
2. The car seems to backfire through the intake when trying to launch from a stop, I have to really play with the throttle to get it to move and 75% of the time it stalls.
3. The thing was running okay once it was moving despite the trans not shifting to 3rd but now it will sputter when given any amount of gas.
4. there is now oil in the coolant. I never touched the heads but could changing the cam and intake maybe have moved something? Maybe its just coincidence and bad luck that a head gasket went just now, I dont know, but I am thinking head gasket.

Extremely sorry about this massive post but I am in a bind and have lost interest in this car for the moment, I would love to have this car running right by Moparfest.
Author: admin