Oil Filter Adapter & Oil Pressure Help

After a year and a half, I finally got this new 273 to run today. The last eight weeks, it has been one issue after another, but finally after sorting out the ignition and resetting the inside of the Carter carb, she ran!!!
I had to shut it off after five minutes into the break-in. I have two questions:

1). Does anybody know the torque setting for the big gland bolt securing the oil filter adapter? That thing kept leaking early on weeks ago, I kept tightening it. It held up for the first five minutes today, then it puked about a fourth of a quart of oil, so we shut it off. I puilled it off the motor today, found the larg seal still in place, was not offset, but the small cork gasket around the head of the large bolt was almost squished to the point of being useless.
2). During break-in, running at 2000 - 2500 rpm, the oil pressure guage (Stewart-Warner mechanical) was reading nearly 80 lbs. I thought this was a bit high, I thought it would be running more around 60. I'm running a stock Melling oil pump, no high volume or high pressure. What numbers are you guys seeing?

Thanks for your replies.
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