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Since I had an old bumper lying around in pretty bad shape I decided to use it for welding practice .I sectioned about 17' inches out of the middle and welded up all the bolt holes. Since it turned out kinda neat .I then used it for practicing My bodywork skills as well. I smoothed it out with a skim coat of bondo after removing what was left of the chrome with a grinding wheel . I'm very happy with how smooth a surface I was able to attain. The only thing I'd like to do is re-spray the faux chrome finish . For some reason it goes on really chalky and cannot be handled . covering it with clear just makes it look like ordinary silver paint. right now it just has a good coat of wax on it. I wired up a spare set of tail lamps and some leds and a neon tube to give it that blue glow, should look pretty cool up on the wall ! At some point I may enter it in the local fair.
Whadda Ya think ?

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