O.D. vs. non-O.D.

I am curious about everyones opinion on o.d. vs. non o.d. I know the obvious benefits like better mpg, lower engine speeds so less engine wear, etc. but how do most of you view driving with the additional rpms on say a 727 or 904. I know in my car when I'm on the freeway it sits around 2,800 to 3,000 rpms with the 904 and in my truck I'm only about 2,200 rpms with its 4L60E. Even say towing in the truck I don't use o.d. since it is said to be very bad on the trans. but...... Ever since I had my first vehicle with overdrive I always have that thought in the back of my head that I HAD TO HAVE IT.

The main reason I ask is because probably by june I will be moving to Texas. With the more lax smog I am thinking of getting a Ramcharger or Powerwagon but wanting something more bullet-proof am leaning toward the older ones with a 727. Thoughts on freeway driving, towing, etc.?
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