now its a 383, advice?

for everyone who has been helping me out by steering me in the right way with my 440 thank you all but im sorry to say its no longer mine. dad wanted the 440 for his challenger so he traded me for a 383 thats already been bored and honed and prepped for a rebuild. So now im building a 383 its the same deal as last time trying my best to build a very strong motor that will be capable of pulling off low 11's at the dragstrip. this is what i have in mind:

stock stroke 383 w/ forged crank
stock rods with KB400060 hypereutectic pistons
Edelbrock 84cc heads non ported OR 906 heads i already have...
Performer RPM manifold
850cfm carburetor
Schumacher Headers
Comp Cams 285HL 285/297 lift 545/545

Dynamic 9.5inch converter
28inch tire probably drag radial

thanks for all your help everybody

P.S. is it just me or are there not too many choices for 383 pistons??? Also will the stock rods hold up?
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