not mopar but g.m question

I have a little problem.

Bought this 92 G.M truck a while back. Problem is the former owner removed the roll pin and check spring from the doors. He rebushed the door pins but never put back the springs or rol pins. G.M want a $100 per door!!!! $15 bux for the spring and 74 for the pin!!!! Talk about rape. And you though Mopars were expensive. I found an aftermarket roll pin here but no spring. I did contact them and am waiting for a response. Has anyone bought from them or dealt with them?

My local jobber doesnt stock anything from them and wont anytime soon.

Im tired of these heavy truck doors bashing my legs and other vehicles too. Im very carefull to not park next to someone but sometimes you have no choice!

My apologies for it not being a Mopar and my thanks in advance. I'd like to repair this defect.I already have the special tool for installing the spring
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