Noise In Bellhousing

1971 225/904

This noise has been driving me crazy. For some time now, i have had a noise in my bell housing that sounds like someone holding something mettalic on a string and letting it hit a fan.

It used to come and go, on and off, but now its pretty steady.

I have taken the inspection plate off, but can find any thing amiss, no teeth missing or ground off on the flywheel.

None of the bolts loose or missing from the flex plate either.

It doesnt impact drivability at all, I just go clicking down the road.

A while ago, it would come and go, but now its pretty steady, and it didnt do it at all in park, untill recently.

It doesnt sound like its inside the trans or torque converter, it actualy sounds like it is inside the bellhousing itself.

Dont really know what could be inside causing this. Anyone else had this issue, before i go and pull the engine/trans out?
Author: admin