No Start! Electrical issues

I failed to start my '70 318 Duster for the first time after trying multiple things (:tongue9:). It cranks but doesn't fire, and I am pretty sure it's an electrical problem as there's definitely fuel reaching the intake. I replaced the coil as it was leaking oil pretty badly, and I thought that had gone bad. I noticed when I turn the key to "run" my ammeter moves pretty far to the "-" side, farther than usual (I think, I usually don't pay much attention to it). It moved even farther when I jumped the two wires going into the ballast resistor. I also was going to try jumping the "+" side of the coil to the battery, but didn't finish because the sparks that leaped from the wire to the battery freaked me out.

I'm going to replace the ballast resistor and points condenser tomorrow, as I had no way of really testing them while there. Is there anything else I should check? I'm thinking of getting a points kit too, but I don't think I have all the tools to gap points properly.
Author: admin