No spark and I’m ready to kill the 73 ASAP!

We were supposed to be at a 4th of July party about 3 hrs ago but I'm already past caring about that and thinking about how I'm getting to work Monday.

I drove around this morning, washed the dart, we loaded it up and were getting ready to leave and there is no spark out of the coil.

The ignition system is stock 73 electrical. I had a used orange box but I have tried 2 other known good boxes (one was new), 3 ballast resistors (one was new), new starter relay just because and it was new. The coil that was on the car was a MSD 2, I swapped it for a new MSD 2 that was on the 48, I tried 2 stock 73 coils, cleaned all the grounds, swapped 3 coil wires, I even did a quick HEI ignition on it and there is still no spark from the coil!

Ignition systems are a cake walk for me but I am beyond pissed off right now!
I need some ideas from some guys that aren't so pissed off that they want to hit their car with a hammer!
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