no inj pulse, 91 chevy 3.1

Hello, I am working on a 91 lumina 3.1 auto.

Here is the problem

It will start and run for about a min then die.

So i hooked up my fuel psi gauge,timming light to watch spark and a NOID light to watch for injector pulses.

it will start and run about a min then die, but after 3 or 4 runs it will not start up again..

its getting spark the hole time

getting about 39-42 PSI of fuel.I even changed the relays

the noid light flashed when running and being cranked untill it stops running and will not flash again even while being cranked..

so i thought the ECM was the problem, got a re-man one and opon opening the box i noticed a torn CORE tag.. I new it was a new one cuz i opened it at the store.
anyway it looked new, but i called the store and tey said i could return it but they didnt have anymore..

I tried the reman ecu and still nothing.. so now im wondering if it was bad, or the e-prom is bad?

what else can cause the inj circut not to pulse..

the car will run if i use carb cleaner in the TB and ot one pulse from the noid light.

thanks for your time

Author: Dakota_Don