No E-Town for me….

I have to skip Englishtown this year. I just got word of a friend being involved in a head-on collision out in Lancaster County, Pa. She was driving with her Mother Thursday night when some piece of shit drunk got on Rt. 222 going the wrong way. She tried to advoid him, but he nailed her on the drivers side head-on. Her Mother has a broken arm & ribs. My friend Jenny got HURT. The entire left side of her body is busted up: arm, leg, pelvis, shoulder. She's been through 3 surgeries already and will be hospitalized for at LEAST another month. She's in Reading Hospital and we're headed out to see her on Friday morning. Doctors say she'll never be the same. :cry:

And I bet the asshole who did this walked away.... piece of shit miserable bastard. disgust
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