No burnout?

Ok it's sad, I can't get my 340 to do a burnout for love nor money.

Runs great, no bog off the line decent gears and just stock suspension and street tires, what gives?!

Specs: 650 Speed Demon mechanical secondaries, #69 Jet front #25 discharge nozzle #78 Jet in the rear with a #28.5 rear discharge nozzle on an edelbrock rpm intake

FBO ignition with a curved distributor timeing base under 800rpm at 14deg and curved to be all in around 2800rpm with 24deg

Stock J Heads 2.02 intake 1.60 exhaust

3.55 gears and a 727 with 2800 stall -2500rpm actual- stage 2 shift kit from transgo.

It runs a Hughes cam #heh2328al

111deg lobe seperation/installed centerline 108deg
intake lift .506/ exhaust .524
Duration@.050 Intake223deg/ Exhaust 228deg

Stock suspension and 255/60/r15 rear tires and a stock pinion snubber. Car goes great no bogs or other issues. If I hold the brake and hit the throttle the ass end will rise up and thats it just sits there and works the motor and trans. I can slide off the pedal and keep the gas matted it'll try but still no smoke.

I know this isn't a real measure of anything but still would be nice, my 98 4x4 dakota with a 318 can turn of it's 31's!
Author: admin