Nitros System

I have a NOS Cheater system off my 71 Duster 340. I've never used it in the 10 years I've owned the car. I think it's a 150 shot. It comes with 2 solenoids,2 braided hoses one to a solenoid and the other to the tank in the trunk,a button that mounted under the gas feed that sprayed nitros if you romped it,2 brackets,a bottle and cover and the carb plate. I have everything off except the carb plate which I will do soon now that the weather has broke. Summit lists this set up for 521.00 without the bottle cover. Since I'm not sure of the condition of the solenoids how's 375.00 obo. Let me know,Mike. Sorry I put this in car parts wanted initially. Blonde moment. I'll try to post some pics tomorow.
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