Newbie needs dash options info

Hey folks,

Just registered, mainly to pick your brains about a project I'm working on.

I'll give you the question first, then explain why I'm asking.

In researching 1971 model year Demons, I find three styles of dashboard were used... with no obvious rhyme or reason for when each car gets a particular type dash. I need to know specifically how these dash types relate to 1971 Demons (no other year nor model- no Darts).

The questions: What was the standard, correct dash setup for a 1971 Demon Sizzler with a 318/Auto? If #3 is the answer, the question becomes- Was #2 *ever* put in a Sizzler by the factory? How about #1...was it for 340 cars only, or could it be a stand-alone option in a Sizzler 318?

1: 3 round gauges.

2: Horizontal speedometer

3: Square speedometer

Here's the why: I'm modifying a 1:18 scale diecast car- well, two of them- to combine a higher quality Dart model's front half to a lower quality Demon's back half (that has a terribly inaccurate front clip)...
...creating a more accurate-looking Demon.
In the process, I decided to make it a more unique replica by downgrading it's options. Most folks want the hi-po version- top of the they're happy with the Demon 340. I want to replicate a Sizzler instead. Here's the tragically parted-out wreck I'm aiming to recreate as new...
...and here's a photoshop of the general intended result...

Well, the Dart replica came with the #2 dash above. The Demon 340 replica came with the #1 dash. So could either have been factory-installed in a Sizzler?

Apologies for jumping in first post with such a lengthy one, but I'm finding no answers online (allpar has an insultingly short page on A-bodies). Sizzlers don't get much play!

Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.:cheers:
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