NEWBIE HERE- HELP!! Where the **** is the TECH info???

Hi everybody,
Newbie here, I had one question for anyone here that knows; my question is: I just took delivery yesterday of my new (new to me) 1978 Plymouth Volare Street Kit car from Michigan, and I'm trying to decode the fender tags. Well I looked all over the web and found decoders for 1967-1974 mopars, as well as lots of decoders that don't work anymore because the links are old. I also spoke to Galen Goviers lady yesterday and she has a street kit registry (which is off limits to anyone) as well as a fender tag decode service (which you have to pay for). ISN'T THIS DECODER INFO FREE AND AVAILABLE SOMEWHERE ON THE INTERNET? If it is, I can't find it. Thanks for reading!
Author: StreetKit