Newbie From Indy

Hello everyone, My name is Richard and I am a newbie .

I am into all Mopars but I own a 77 Volare Road Runner with a 452 stroked B block. It is still under construction but will be running by spring.

A little about me, I have worked in dealerships and private shops for about 10 years. Then decided to move to the performance side, where I went to work for Promax Performance. At Promax I learned everything I needed about six pack carb set ups and got much more Mopar education. I was approached in June and was offered a job with Speed Service Performance Center in Brownsburg, IN. where I work at now. We are a full speed shop selling parts and we have a full fab shop too. So if you need anything give me a call and I will help you the best that I can, even on six pack tech.

Author: SpeedJunkee