newbie from delaware

Hi everyone. I finally joined after browsing for several months. My first car was a 70 swinger 340 with console auto. It was ww1 w/ black vinyl top and gut. I bought the car w 96000 plus miles and ran the p**s out of it. Have not seen it since about 1981, nor have I seen one like it. Made my first trip to Carlisle 3 yrs. ago knowing I'd see one there, but no luck. Been back every year since and still none so I'm going make one. Back in July, after watching it in MCG for about a year, I finally bit the bullet and picked up a 70 swinger that already had 360 4sp 8 3/4 w 3.91sg. Body is pretty solid, good floors, trunk, roof, inner fenders, quarters need some work and the fenders are dented a little but I drove it over 6 hrs home from N.C. with no problems other than a bad tire. The car ran great, never ran hot, even in stop and go traffic for more than an hour. I drove it around for a while until some spoiled kid at the Ocean City cruise-in whose daddy bought him a beautiful restored Super Bee told his girl I had a "20 dollar car". Needless to say he knows little about what it takes to bring a car back, but it did spur me into action on my car. The car was originally a 318 3sp on the floor, bronze w/white top, tan gut. I have not done body work in the past, but have built motors, manual trans, and rear ends. I will appreciate any help and offer any help I can. thanks, rick :clock: I cant type well. This took about an hour for me
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