New tunes recomendation for the Daily Duster

Well I'm in the market for a new car stereo (old one was ripped out of the dash last Monday night, I'm a dumbass and left the door unlocked :angry7: ) and have a huge problem.
As I look through huge quagmire of car audio equipment I can't decide on what to get.
I've been looking at the Pioneer DEH-3000IB and the JVC HDR30 so my question is: Is HD radio worth it? I'm not EVER going to go with SAT radio because my listening time is fairly limited (max 45min at a time usually 20 min to work) and I run almost all of my music through a mp3 player.
What do you have installed ? what do you wish it had as far as options and what options does it have that you never use?
I'm running a smallish system with 2 8" subs 2 6x9's and 2 3" dash speakers
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