New rear end suggestions…

Since I am going to need a new rear third member for my 8 3/4, I wanted some opinions on the setup. I don't need gear ratio info, just carrier setup options.

I should have somewhere between 400-475hp (built 360/727 combo but have not been able to make a pass or dyno to calc hp). It will need to be built with a 1350 yoke (since I just converted everything over from 7260 to 1350) which means there won't be many ready made units available. I don't daily drive it but will drive it to the drags and also hit a few cruise nights and car shows.

Should I be considering a locker since I street drive some or would a good sure grip still be the choice? Not sure I could live with a spool but have no experience with them. Would rather only built this once so would prefer quality over initial cost.

Thanks for any suggestions and real world experience!
Author: admin