New pictures of my Duster!

I got around to scanning some more pictures. The first set is from the first road trip I ever took in it. Actually, it was the first time I ever actually drove it (twice around the block before- that's it). We were working the night before to change the burnt plug wires and replace the distributor cap, rotor and plugs. We also worked a few days before that to get the starter in. This trip was to get it from my grandparent's house in Vancouver to my house on the Island. We were trying to make the A&W car show in my town but apperentley they did awards early and everybody left except for a few cars. The only Mopar there when I arrived was this lime green Slant 6 '74 Duster. The guy paid $8,600 for it! :o Well actually, a FY1 '70 Challenger R/T rolled by but never stopped. Anyways, the car didn't let me down at all during this trip :cheers:

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