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I just wanted to say hello and show you my new love, Her name is gladyse and she is a 1971 dodge dart swinger 2 door hard top. My mom had a 72 when I was a kid and we were in a bad wreck (we were ok) but ever since then I have been in love with this car.

to fill you in. I got a phone call a few weeks ago from my dad and he wanted to know if I still wanted a dodge dart, I didn't even ask a single question I just said yes. He then told me about the car, it was everything I ever wanted the year was good the hard top was what I wanted (I love that big open window). One problem, I was told that it has been sitting for 10 years. very sad indeed. I didn't care this old lady was trying to donate it to her church but they wouldn't take it unless she had it towed there, thats were my dad came in, she was bitching to him about it and he told her that I have wanted a swinger since I was about 4, so he asked her what she wanted for it. she told him if I wanted it to come get it that weekend. Well 3.5 hours to St. Louis was a small price to pay.

It turns out she had been inspected in 2005 so it had only sat for maybe 2 or 3 years. We were told that the engine was locked up and the brakes were locked up as well. THe tires were dry rotted but when I got it her the e brake was on. so we pushed her out of the garage and put her on the flatbed and brought her home. I bought a new battery, cleaned the carb. dropped and cleaned the gas tank and she fired up. changed the trans filter and gasket, new tires and drove her home. It needs some body work from where the old lady took out the side of her garage with the passenger door and the top needs to be worked on before winter. the quarter panels need work but this is all stuff I can do. the 225 slant 6 has got to be the best engine I have seen in a long time.

I love gladyse and hope you guys do too. One thing I think is old is power steering, A/C, but manual brakes haha

thanks billy

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