New here, Contemplating on picking up a Dodge.

Hey everybody, new guy from Houston, TX here. I started with trucks, I have a 2011 RCSB Silverado 6.0/ 76mm Turbo, building a 1968 C10 383 Stroker/ Vortec V3 Supercharger. Well my buddy has a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner and I love the damn car and have been wanting one badly!!!!!

Well I was talking to my mom the other day and low and behold my step dad has 1968 2 door Dodge Coronet 440 with a 318, and he's gonna give it to me free if I want it. It was his when he was 16, I don't have all the details yet, not sure how long it has been sitting but my mom sent me pictures.

What do you guys think? Not sure what the inside looks like so I may have to take a road trip to take a look at it. It definitely looks different than the 70 RR but I think I will like it once I get it looking the way I want it. Here's pics of my buddy's Plymouth.

Author: USMC45