New guy with a Duster

Hey Everybody!

I have a '72 Duster that I'm currently working on trying to get going.
I first found My car when I was 15 years old. It was sitting in a guys "personal junk yard". I couldn't actually buy it until a little after my 16th Birthday. Right after I bought it.. Our main vehicle Died and I couldn't get together with the guy to get it home until just after my 17th birthday. It is actually pretty solid, but you can't tell that from the pictures. So now I have it and on to the specs!

I am putting a 360 and a 5-speed in it. An 8 1/4 rearend and Disc spindles. All bushings are being upgraded to poly. I'm doing a lot of chassis stiffening And I'm thinking about preparing it for vintage racing. I'm not totally sure what color I'm going to do it.
It is featured on page 67 of the August 2009 issue of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine! Unfortunately they spelled my name wrong… its Kadron not Kardon.
and I have a big thread about it @

Thanks for looking!

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