New guy from London, Ontario – 70 Duster

Hi folks.

An amazing number of new members recently!!!! I'm from London Ontario Canada, about half way between Detroit and Toronto.

My major Mopar so far has been a 68 CHarger for 15 years, which I sold 5 years back. I've also owned a 70 4 door Coronet(for 18 months then somebody ran a red and totalled it) and a 70 4 door Newport(for about 4 years in the 90's). My dad got me into the hobby with a 62 Valiant station wagon and a 73 4 door Satellite.

I got the Mopar bug back when I was heading to the beach in August and saw a farmer selling 2 74 Dusters. I checked them out but didn't buy either one but it got me interested again...

Now my search has just ended tonight for my next Mopar. A 70 slant 6 Duster from California that a fella had on sale about 40 miles from me. A fellow Mopar buddy always told me to buy for the body first, and this Duster has a mint, mint, super mint body. It's like going back to 1970, just amazing. It's been painted sub-lime(originally dark copper colour, is sub-lime the Plymouth or Dodge name???), side stripes added, 70 rear fin added, and a neat hood paint job. The slant 6 runs fine and will do me for a while. The interior is where I'll be looking for my main much is a Rally dash cluster and I'm partial to a high back bench split bench seat with a center arm rest(is this possible for an A body??? Are there buckets with a buddy seat?). Do aftermarket companies sell the glove box cardboard and rear package tray cardboard?

I've been more of the B body I've got to get more A body knowledge!!!

I'll attach the picture I's not the best though.

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