New Guy From Arizona

I have been coming to the site for a couple of months now and have been getting some great info. I currently am in business manufacturing and wholesaling GM, Ford, and Mopar parts under the name of Southwest Reproductions Inc. Sorry about the first two! In addition to that we retail the Mopar parts under the name of mrmoparts. We are growing like crazy and are adding new items daily. I will soon be posting stuff on a regular basis in the vendors section so I hope you will check it out. As for our prices, I know you will be pleased. You can PM me for a free catalog which is loaded with parts and pictures. I am also working on a number of cars including a 71 Dart Swinger 318/904, 72 Demon 340 4spd, 73 Demon 340 727, and a 73 Duster 440/727. I will be needing plenty of parts for these that we don't currently make or aren't available new.
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