New from TN

My name is Kevin. I live about 55 miles west of Nashville,TN. I have gotten to where I really like A-body Mopars in the last few years. I kick myself now for all the cool ones I passed on because I wanted a Charger/Roadrunner. I hate to admit it, but I turned my nose up at A-bodies in the past.

I have been fooling with turbo Mopars for the last 14 years. They aren't the most popular cars, but they are as fun as anything else. I was smart enough to hang onto my first car (85 Shelby Charger) which I restored in 2004. You can see it and my other rides here:

I joined this site to see what kind of A-bodies there are for sale out there. If I can get a few things sold, I'm going to be in the market for a 1967-1969 Valiant/Dart. If you are interested in a 24' enclosed trailer and a 1987 Shelby Charger GLHS (#592 of 1000 built) let me know.

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