New Car…..

Well,I bought it........Kind of a special car. The great Dick Landys 74 Dart.
Possibly the last Dart Dick drove,as this was his daily driver. There is all kinds of interesting stuff in the glove box,with Dicks signature. Everything from a Midas muffler reciept,to a Sears DieHard battery reciept. There is also the original window sticker.No,no cigar ash in the ash tray.The ashtray looks as though it was never used,even the lighter is missing.From what I understand,Dick never lit his cigars.Everything works on the car,even the air blows ice cold.The plan is to clean it up,and keep it exactely the way it was when I bought it.Any tune up parts will be the same brand as he used.It is truely a survivor,and that is how I will keep it. Cheers.


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