New Brake Lines

I will be installing new brake lines(steel ones), along with new master cylinder,wheel cylinders,brake shoes,flex hoses etc. on my 68 Dart. I can purchase new straight steel lines (in various lengths) with fittings already installed. I have been out measuring the existing lines including bends and loops. My question is; " Are there any fact sheet that sets out the various lengths of the steel lines?" Here are the lengths I have got...roughly speaking.
From front fitting of master cylinder to metering block-26". From rear fitting of master cylinder to metering block-22". From metering block to right front flex hose-85". From metering block to left front flex hose-17". From metering block back to rear flex hose-115". From rear flex hose block to right rear wheel cylinder-46". From rear flex hose block to left rear wheel cylinder-25".
Again, these are roughly speaking but I did try and put in for the bends and loops in the original lines.
Can anyone confirm these lengths and how did you address the really long lengths?
Thanks for the replies
Author: admin