New 71 Dart Owner!!!

Hey guys whats up?

Took me awhile to find a forum for my dart lol
lets see i had a built 95 neon and traded it for a 87 mercedes benz 190e 2.3 16v...and blew up the rear end on that and sold it. I was looking for another neon or older kz 900 or 1000. My daily driver is a 91 Jeep Cherokee with a 4.5 lift on 31's
I knew my uncles friend had this car for awhile and been wanting to sell it (well kinda) but just not to anyone he paid $1100 a couple years ago and i ended up picking this project Dart up for $500....
he repaird the floors i dunno how well though...have yet to see it out of a dark garage....he did the rear quarters but there is ALOT of bondo on both sides and a long gash on the passenger rear quater. Oh and he cut the rear fenders higher, think they call it super stock style? when i get new rear quaters i dunno if i want to keep that look or not.

Almost everything to be replaced
He put newer rear end, and had the leafs redone and newer rims and tires

its a automatic 360....with v8 k member
i dunno if i still want a column shift, floor, or a 4spd
Bench or buckets

I dunno but i have LONG ways to go...

These are off my phone....

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