NEW 4″ CRANKS $250.00 any good?

Just got my new Mancini "flyer" in the mail and they're having a sale on stroker cranks for 360 motors; a 4" Eagle cast crank for $239.00. (bottom of page 4; column 2)

There's also an M-P (360 mains) 4" crank for $249.95 at the top of column 4, on page 2.

That seems awfully cheap to me, but I wouldn't want to pass either of them up if they're a worthwhile purchase, quality-wise. I can always use 40+ more cubic inches....

Anybody have any idea of these things are any good? I have no experience with strokers, so I'm just curious, here...

Any info will be appreciated! I don't want to buy a "pig-in-a-poke" (whatever that means.) :happy10:
Author: admin