New 360 what time ?????

Howdy fellas
Sitting here at work pondering what my car will do this friday night at the track.

History ;I had some lifters stuff up which took out the cam and push rods so have rebuilt the engine on a extremly low budget


Valiant Hardtop (Dart)
727 -3000stall
9'' 3.9 gears
extractors into 2 x 2.5'' system
750 DP holley
M/T street slicks
engine has the following ,cannot change now as all built and been running for a week now in the car.

11.1 comp
Adjustable rocker gear (273)
Torker 2 intake
Cam (only one I could get at no cost) Crane 560 lift / @ .50 x 258
heads Iron / 2.02 x 1.88 valves

Remember I do not have much room to move as far as cost goes basically the above is it.

basically Only change from the last engine in the rebuild is the cam.

Best run prior 12.7 @ 109mph

Thoughts on what times now?



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