Never Tighten Oil Pan Bolts With The Flywheel Cover Off!!!!

Sorry for the bad pics....I just got done destroying my converter and oil pan. I had just put the 90 degree adapter back on and noticed that the oil pan was leaking slightly at the very back by the converter. Well, It's a long story but, I just installed a new exhaust and noticed that the header was rubbing on the torsion bar. I decided I would start up the car and get the exhaust hot and see if I could tweek it in. I was under the car and noticed the oil leak. That when shit rolled down hill:) I tried to tighten the back oil pan bolts with the car running and the converter bolt came around and caught the top of the socket.....Stopped the engine instantly. Needless to say it ripped the converter bolt right out and there are no threads left. It also drove the socket up into the oil pan and crunched it too. I feel so stupid for being so careless. It happened in a split second and I was just laying there saying "WTF just happened"? I just heard a pop and the engine stalled. Looks like I need to replace the converter and possibly the oil pan too:(

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