Neep help with Rear Drums A.S.A.P Please

I got a 8 1/4" rear from someone and I called him and he said that the same came out of a 1973 Dodge Dart. Now I have Purchased the brakes for the same and found that the drums hit the backplate before they touch the axel. The brakes shoes I bought are 10" x 2 1/2" and the drums are 10". Also the shoes dont fit they are too wide. It seems that they need to be narrower. Someone said that I might have gotten the same with the back plate from a 7 1/4". If this is true what should I do? Should I get the Back plate to a 2 1/2" and if I do will there be a problem with the axel? If I keep the 7 1/2 Quote on quote what brake shoes and drum should I use? (From What car) This hole thing is driving me crazy.
Author: admin