Need trans help

I have a 727 transmission that had just been over hauled, new seals,clutches, etc. The transmission is a 1985 out of a Dodge diplomat police car. It has a 1973 valve body in it with a transgo no yoyo shift kit in it. The accumelator has been blocked. The problem I am having is when I shift from park to drive, the transmission doesnt kick into gear until the gas is applied. When put in reverse it go right in to gear and takes off right from idle, like it should. Any of the forward gears 1st, 2nd or drive has problems ingaging until you apply gas, trans does not ingage until right around 1200 rpms, while driving trans seems to work fine shifts ok. Would older style valve body be causing this problem being in a later model trans. I would like to hear comments on this issue with any advise. Thank you
Author: admin