need suggestions for helping an ailing friend

I just found out that one of the founding members of a local mopar club I'm in,has been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus and possibly spreading further,more tests to come. The thing is him and his wife are from a "humble" upbringing and never really got alot of the chances that most of us take for granted.Therefore, they don't have alot to show for themselves,not for lack of trying mind you. I've personally seen this man get "knocked down" to the point where most men I know would have thrown in the towel,but not him. He's taken the local neighborhood kids to car shows and done without food for him and his wife just to buy the young ones an ice cream cone with his last dollar,,,,,,,,,,,,and now this...........They are both unemployed due to the frickin' recession with no health care coverage, and he's had his first rad and chemo treatment, but with no insurance the hospital has stated that he will be going home tuesday. Due to the feeding tube he has to eat through he will have to sleep in a recliner once he gets there,only problem is he doesn't own one so the club is getting one for him. Having lost my mother to lung cancer last month,I know first hand what the bills are going to be but don't think that they understand that as of right now. The club would like to do more so I figured I'd ask you guys for some ideas. We already have an annual car show that is scheduled for september but it has already been set up for all proceeds to go to our local community church services,,,,,,,,,,anyone got any ideas?????????
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