Need space! Everything needs to go!

So, I finally got around to cleaning the garage and need these items to go fast. Send me a reasonable offer and its yours. Some items can go for shipping!

mini starters(one for 518, other from 04 hemi w/ auto)

magnum high flow truck manifolds(recently blasted and painted with VHT

lots of slant 6 stuff(cap, wires, heat risers, fan, air cleaner)

9" drums(rebuilt and used for 7 months, so brake lines-cylinders-pads-drums are near new.

904 stock converter etc...

brake booster is from 04 Hemi ram

Valve Cover is BBC pay shipping and its yours, only one.

door sills, trunk pieces all from 71 dart

5.9 magnum fan blade w/ clutch

torsion bars 891,890

If you see something you want or need just PM me, I want it all gone!
I'm located in Abilene, TX
Thanks FABO!=P~

Author: admin