Need some Help!!

Hi,Long time without posting.Now i need some help to identify these heads i have here.2 month's ago i had a valve release and that valve din't damaged the block or piston(Just a few marks onthe piston),but broke the head(Driver side).I had a pair of heads here vthat i belived was from a 318,so,i replaced the old(Broken)head for one of these.It worked but now the engine it's knocking(tic,tic)and losing power.After ](*,) ,thinking on Damaged Rods or something like that,i've meet the friend that gave these heads to me,and he says that these heads where removed from an American Dodge,Now i'm trying to discover if it's realy a 318 or 340-360 heads.If it is from a 318,what's the compression rate of an U.S 318 LA?How do i identify if it's 318,340, or 360 Heads??

Thank's to All!!

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