Need some advice on 71 Challenger purchase

Hi I realize this is the wrong place for this question but I'm not a member over on the E body forum yet. I have some questions and I do value all of your opinions and knowledge a great deal.

I'm going to look at a 71 Challenger tomorrow. I spoke with the guy and have found out that it was an original 318 car that now has a 440 in it. The 440 came from a motorhome (didn't get the year). He claims the engine was rebuilt before he bought the car and now has approximately 8000 miles on it.

I have little experience with these engines other than a little bit of research over at allpar. I don't know what has been done performance wise but I'm assuming that a motorhome engine wouldn't be a stellar performer as is. What kind of things should I be looking for? What questions should I be asking the guy in regards to performance mods? If it is a late 70's engine does that mean the HP will be negatively affected to due smog regulations etc? If so can it be upgraded semi-cheap?

I'm more of a cruiser-type guy than an all-out racer so I'm not too concerned about super high performance. However it is a Challenger and I would like something that kicks a little ass. :)

The car seems to be in decent shape from the pics and was also painted prior to his purchase. He claims that he went over the entire vehicle with a magnet and there is no bondo and underneath looks exceptional.

I'll post a link to his ad. Let me know what you think about the car and the price?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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