need info on Dodge Ram 1500 pickups

Im thinking about possibly looking into something like an '05 Ram 1500 4x4 Reg. cab pickup. I own a nice '05 Ranger XLT thats worth a boatload of $$ but I wouldnt dream of towing the Duster with it to the Nats or Carlisle . Whatever opinions or suggestions or experiences you have I'll take. So far Im pretty stuck on the '05 because I could make a reasonable financial swap downsizing to the Reg. cab and probably have $$ leftover. Questions: Gas mileage 4.7l vs. Hemi??? Towing capacity 4.7l vs. Hemi?? Opinions on the 4.7l??? Screw the 4.7l and get the Hemi?? Would you use/have you used the 4.7l to tow your classic MoPar muscle??
Those RumbleBees and Daytonas sure look nice but me needs to stick to the basics and stay clear from another playtoy. The dealerships near me are begging for sales, looks like I could get into something with 45-55K for @ $12,000 and less privately for the basix 4x4 2 dr reg cab.
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