need help with wipers

I have been trying to get my wipers to work. The old motor was real slow so I replaced it. Prior to installing it I wired it up and turned on the motor without being hooked up to the linkake. All three speeds seemed to be working and the switch seems to be working also. I installed the new motor and attached the linkage and the wipers moved real slow and the motor got extremely hot. When I turned the switch off the motor was trying to reset back to it's rest stop but would not fully get there. You could hear the motor still trying to work and it was getting real hot. I removed the motor again and once again all three speeds seem to work fine when not hooked up to the linkage. I lubed all of the pivot points in the linkage with white lithium grease. When I move the wipers by hand without being hooked up to the motor there does not appear to be any binding in the linkage. I removed the radio to get a good look at the linkage and nothing appears out of whack. WTF. At this point could it possibly be a bad wiper switch. I don't understand why when it is shut off the motor will not reset itself to the resting position. Sorry for being so long winded. Any help would be appreciated.
Author: admin