Need help with 67 parts

I have a few questions for the experts, I'm going to look at parts tomorrow:
1) Will a early 70's a-body heater core, the whole thing, fit in a 67 Barracuda? It looks to be an exact match, both are non-a/c.
2) My car does not have a washer bottle or hoses, the only thing left that I can see are the squirters on the underside of the hood. How do I tell if it was manual washer or electric?
I have never seen a manual one, but apparently it was just a rubber bladder mounted somewhere. My understanding is electric would have a washer knob that you can push in, mine does not but it could easily have been replaced.
3) The rear trunk panel, what color should it be?
I see black, silver, or a light finish of black that the silver shows through, (which I think may be correct).

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