Need Help W/ I.D.

I have a chance to buy a '82 D-150 Pickup and I'm trying to figure what it's worth. I want it for the drive line (for my 74 Dart Sport), intending to junk the shell. It was hit hard on the passenger door.
I haven't driven it yet, but it supposedly was driven daily and has been used a couple times since the accident for moving stuff. It's been for sale for a couple years.
It has a 360 w/ a Holley, Torker II, Unilite, Hedmans, 3" Flowmasters, Holley track pump w/ reg, and what the owner tells me "is a mild cam and BIG heads". Some how, I have to pull a head, and see the bearings, I think to give it a value.
It has a 727 w/ 3500 stall and a reverse valve body, ratchet shifter and a cooler.
Has an electric fan, and I'm going to measure the rad to see if it wiil fit my Dart. Full set of 2 5/8 Autometer's inc. speedo and tach.
15 gallon fuel cell, aluminum tubs, 9" Ford w/ 4.63(?) gears. Checking to see if it's spool or what. S&W ladder w/ coilovers. Probably sell the ladder set-up and use Cal Tracs.
Weld wheels. The rears are "pro street" size and the tires are huge. (Not my taste, I'd sell them.)
How do I I.D. the engine to see what it is? I used to know years ago, but I haven't played w/ these for 20 years. If it's a 340, I'll sell it for a resto project and build something else, hopefully a 408.
Would the front brakes help me any? I have to see if they're disc or drum. I have 9" on my 6 cyl. car now. The Ford rear has what appear to be 11"
It's been for sale for a while, he wants $3500. To make an offer, I have to know more about the engine and trans.
Whaddya think?
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